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About the palace...

The new Phoenicians Mediterranean Palace is a living and breathing dream come true for Robert Rahal and his family. It bring together the Phoenicians Lebanese Restaurant and Robert's Jewelry Store, both of which were originally located on Central Avenue. The Palace features a fine dining restaurant and an elegant jewelry store. 

Here's what Robert had to say in a December 2016 interview with All Over Albany: 

"Getting everyone under one roof, that's my main inspiration," Rahal explained. "For the Mediterranean people, for the Middle Eastern people--that's combined, the Muslims, the Christians, the Jewish-- there is not one place where you can come in and have  a meal that welcomed these three people all at the same time. And that's what made me fall in love with the idea. I need a place big enough to hold a party for either one of us welcome, every one of us welcome. something for them to do all under one roof."  Rahal himself is from the Mediterranean. He immigrated to the United States from Lebanon in 1984. And he clearly loves this area ... get him talking about it, and he will go on about the Capital Region's location, it's weather, its amenities, the Hudson River, and of course, the amazing people here.